Datasec4iot is a network created to capture and study the packages sent by IoT devices. It is deployed in the coffee room of the Network’s department in Télécom SudParis, Evry, France.

It is composed of fifteen IoT devices, a Raspberry pi 3, an access point, and a server. The devices include a mobile phone and a Google Home, that allows a variety of interactions with the system, from single interactions, to schedule actions, use voice commands, and trigger actions based on sensors measures.

The Raspberry pi 3 is acting as a DHCP server, that assigns private IP addresses to the devices, captures the packets sent and received by them, and sends the raw .pcap files generated by the capturer to a server to store them. The data that can be found in our database are: pcap files and csv files, the features are extracted by the CICFlowMeter tool, and we are working with another data format: Netflow (they will be available soon).

Fill out the registration form to access the database : Registration Page
Network diagram

Features description

Feature Style Method
Flow ID Induced
Source IP Induced
Source Port Induced
Destination IP Induced
Destination Port Induced
Protocol Induced
TimeStamp Calculated [FlowStartTime / 1000]
Flow Duration Calculated [FlowLastSeen - FlowStartTime]
Total Fwd Packets Induced
Total Bwd Packets Induced
Total Length of Fwd Packets Calculated
Total Length of Bwd Packets Calculated
Fwd Packet Length Min Calculated min(packetSizeFwd)
Fwd Packet Length Max Calculated max(packetSizeFwd)
Fwd Packet Length Mean Calculated mean(packetSizeFwd)
Fwd Packet Length Std Calculated sqrt(Var(packetSizeFwd))
Bwd Packet Length Min Calculated min(packetSizeBwd)
Bwd Packet Length Max Calculated max(packetSizeBwd)
Bwd Packet Length Mean Calculated mean(packetSizeBwd)
Bwd Packet Length Std Calculated sqrt(Var(packetSizeBwd))
Flow Byte/s Calculated [ForwardBytesbackwardBytes / (FlowDuration / 1000000)]
Flow Packets/s Calculated [NumberOfPackets / (FlowDuration / 1000000)]
Flow IAT Mean Calculated mean(times)
Flow IAT Std Calculated sqrt(Var(times))
Flow IAT Max Calculated max(times)
Flow IAT Min Calculated min(times)
Fwd IAT Total Calculated sum(timesFwd)
Fwd IAT Mean Calculated mean(timesFwd)
Fwd IAT Std Calculated sqrt(Var(timesFwd))
Fwd IAT Max Calculated max(timesFwd)
Fwd IAT Min Calculated min(timesFwd)
Bwd IAT Total Calculated sum(timesBwd)
Bwd IAT Mean Calculated mean(timesBwd)
Bwd IAT Std Calculated sqrt(Var(timesBwd))
Bwd IAT Max Calculated max(timesBwd)
Bwd IAT Min Calculated min(timesBwd)
Fwd PSH Flags Calculated
Bwd PSH Flags Calculated
Fwd URG Flags Calculated
Bwd URG Flags Calculated
Fwd Header Length Calculated length(FwdHeader)
Bwd Header Length Calculated length(BwdHeader)
Fwd Packets/s Calculated [fwdFlowSize / FlowDuration]
Bwd Packets/s Calculated [bwdFlowSize / FlowDuration]
Min Packet Length Calculated min(packetLength)
Max Packet Length Calculated max(packetLength)
Packet Length Mean Calculated mean(packetLength)
Packet Length Std Calculated sqrt(Var(packetLength))
Packet Length Variance Calculated Var(packetLength)
FIN Flag Count Calculated Count of the number of flags
SYN Flag Count Calculated Count of the number of flags
RST Flag Count Calculated Count of the number of flags
PSH Flag Count Calculated Count of the number of flags
ACK Flag Count Calculated Count of the number of flags
URG Flag Count Calculated Count of the number of flags
CWE Flag Count Calculated Count of the number of flags
ECE Flag Count Calculated Count of the number of flags
Down/Up Calculated [NumberOfBwdPackets / NumberOfFwdPackets]
Average packet size Calculated [ ∑ packetSize / NumberOfPackets]
Avg Fwd Segment Size Calculated [ ∑ bwdPacketSize / NumberOfPackets]
Avg Bwd Segment Size Calculated [ ∑ fwdPacketSize / NumberOfPackets]
Fwd Avg Bytes/Bulk Calculated [ ∑ fwdBulkSizeTotal / fwdBulkStateCount]
Fwd Avg Packets/Bulk Calculated [ ∑ fwdBulkPacketCount / fwdBulkStateCount]
Fwd Avg bulk rate Calculated [ ∑ fwdBulkSizeTotal/ fwdBulkDurationInSecond]
Bwd Avg Bytes/Bulk Calculated [ ∑ fwdBulkSizeTotal/ fwdBulkStateCount]
Bwd Avg Packets/Bulk Calculated [ ∑ bwdBulkPacketCount/ bwdBulkStateCount]
Bwd Avg bulk rate Calculated [ ∑ bwdBulkSizeTotal/ bwdBulkDurationInSecond]
SubFlow Fwd Packets Calculated [numberOfFwdPackets / numberOfSubFlow]
SubFlow Fwd Bytes Calculated [numberOfFwdBytes / numberOfSubFlow]
SubFlow Bwd Packets Calculated [numberOfBwdPackets / numberOfSubFlow]
SubFlow Bwd Bytes Calculated [numberOfBwdBytes / numberOfSubFlow]
Init Win Bytes Fwd Calculated count
Init Win Bytes Bwd Calculated count
Act data pckt fwd Calculated count
Min Seg Size Fwd Calculated min(list(HeaderBytesByFlow))
Active Mean Calculated mean(ActiveTime)
Active Std Calculated std(ActiveTime)
Active Max Calculated max(ActiveTime)
Active Min Calculated min(ActiveTime)
Idle Mean Calculated mean(IdleTime)
Idle Std Calculated std(IdleTime)
Idle Max Calculated max(IdleTime)
Idle Min Calculated min(IdleTime)